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Valencia Summer Camp 2016 is just around the corner and from our new website we want to offer a preview of what you are going to find in this summer campus where participants will enjoy a wide range of activities focused on sports and languages.

The VCS 2016 provides two options for the months of July and August: the Sports Camp, which is focused exclusively on sports and the Sports and Languages ​​Camp which offers language classes as additional training. On both campuses, teachers in disciplines are in charge of planning the different activities, with specific and clear objectives to ensure that every child have fun while they advance in their learning. Is there a better way to make the most of the summer?

While tennis is the main sport, children also practice other disciplines such as basketball or football and of course they can take a well-deserved dip in the pool. Those who choose the option language option will have daily language classes and those staying on over weekend will also attend interesting excursions, everything in a friendly atmosphere.

One of the highlights is the motivation program that individually follows each student to assess their progress, providing periodical information to the parents. As an incentive, students who most excel in this program will be able to access scholarships for the next campus.

In short, the VSC 2016 comes stronger than ever. A magnificent proposal to spend a fantastic summer in Valencia, where fun and training combine to provide an unforgettable experience for all children. Do not hesitate; find out the details of the program and the different options offered this year. See you this summer at the Valencia Summer Camp!

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